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"TIPETTO, located in a residential area in Tokyo, is surrounded by small and large parks that are suitable for walking, and was constructed after we realized the need for pet-friendly rental apartments. All of the units have southern exposure, with large windows affording views of the nearby parks and greenery, as well as plenty of sunshine. These features provide both pets and residents with peace of mind."

Elevators are equipped with a button that alerts others to the presence of pets. Hygienic and convenient trashcans specifically for pet waste are provided on the first floor. Pet doors are provided for your pets in the washroom and living room, etc. A special space for litter boxes is furnished underneath the washroom sink. Lead hooks are installed in various locations, with an eye to convenience.


Living with a pet makes every day more enjoyable. Ascot has joined with management company Ascot Community in order to concentrate on providing support services. In addition to the enhanced facilities, our goal is to offer "Life Suggestions" for everyday care, such as pet healthcare consultations and advice on training problems.

[ Help with Life ]

  • Accepting consultations on pets
  • Introducing linked pet shops
  • Discounts and benefits when using pet sitters
  • Introducing pet taxis
  • Introducing pet hotels and offering discounts and benefits
  • Gift of a DVD on training your pet

[ Enjoyable Life ]

  • Special discount when purchasing a pet from linked breeder "Sekai no Meiken Bokujo (Communication Park for Dogs and People)."
  • Free invitation or special discount ticket to affiliated theme park
  • Gift of Christmas cake and Christmas card

[ Secure Life ]

  • Peace of mind due to examination standards (rabies vaccines, etc. are required)
  • Pet Life Support responds by email to your questions and concerns.
  • Introducing area veterinarians
  • Introducing and handling pet health insurance

These are just some of the services we offer.
You are required to join Pet Community.
Regular examinations are mandatory.
Services may differ depending on the type of pet.