[ Real estate solution ] Enhancing Property Value

Enhancing property value involves shrewd judgment about potential value and decisive investment to add new value.
About Enhancing Property Value

We also acquire existing rental apartments and office buildings that have decreased in value over time and require improved profitability, estimate the potential value of the land and buildings, make efficient renovations and refurbishments, and improve the utilization rate by leasing, thereby comprehensively increasing the property's value. We then sell such properties to operating companies and real estate investors, etc.

Case study

Case study on renovation of exterior


Case study on renovation of buildings


[ Real estate solution ] Real estate consulting & Real estate brokerage services

We also accept project management commissions from companies that develop real estate, etc. to supervise planning and design, all the way from the planning stage of real estate development projects to their completion.
We are also engaged in real estate agency work for companies and general clients.