Spaces that enrich people?s lives

ASCOT Corp. has sought elegant, timeless design in residential development since 1999, and the scope of BUSINESS OVERVIEW has steadily expanded from condominiums to apartment and office buildings.

In all development, we place ourselves in the customerf s shoes to create properties where people will want to live, work, visit, or invest. This stance reflects our shared passion for realizing unwavering ideals and better ways of living.

Also instrumental is insight from actual customers, which shapes our products and services. The individual voices of each and every customer are the building blocks that make us gASCOT Corp.h In matters affecting people's emotional well-being and the quality of our work, we do not compromise, and this will never change.

Ideal places to live, work, or play

Ascot is positioned to make even greater contributions to various facets of everydaylife. We will continue taking on challenges to build welcoming, thriving centers of activity.

President and CEO Takumi Hamasaki