This is a free membership service that provides the latest information on newly constructed HOMEs and townhouses.
It also provides on a priority basis such information as when condominium contracts are canceled.
We urge you to use this service to ensure that you purchase the property you want.

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Membership benefits

Priority information on new properties

We provide advance priority email information on new construction properties offered by our company, as well as other properties.

Referral rewards

If a person you refer joins and purchases a new property from this company within one year, both you and the buyer will receive a gift certificate worth 50,000 yen.
* The gift certificates will be awarded after the property is handed over to the new owner.
* Does not apply in some cases. For details, see below.

(1) If the person referred has already filled out an application for one of our properties, or is already a member of the Ascot Kanaeru Club.
(2) If at the time of referral, the person referred is the dependent or relies solely on the referrer for their livelihood.
(3) If the person referred shares the same name as the referrer.
(4) If the referrer is not already a member of the Ascot Kanaeru Club or has already unsubscribed from the Ascot Kanaeru Club at the time of referral (except in cases where the referrer has already bought a property).

Gift at the time a contract is concluded

If a member concludes a contract for a property, they will receive a valuable present.
* The present will be given after the property is handed over to the new owner.
* Please note that this cannot be used in conjunction with other services.
* Please note that this offer not apply in some cases.