We obtain a HOME performance evaluation (design and construction) for all our apartments, and openly disclose the construction progress status, etc. We always aim to sincerely listen to our clients and make further improvements to quality.

Design and construction quality control system

In accordance with the standards for house performance indication prescribed by the government, a design office and first-class architect of the company perform a thorough check of the house performance indication items in order to look for any deficiencies in quality. For the apartment complexes that we offer, we are obliged to obtain a design housing performance evaluation and construction housing performance evaluation from the Housing Performance Evaluation Institution of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Quality Management System 1
During the construction phase, we openly disclose the construction status

Even during the construction phase, our quality control staff (first-class building and construction engineers) perform strict checks. We openly provide information by posting the construction progress online, as well as by sending documents by mail to our clients' HOMEs.

Quality Management System 2

With regard to safety and crime prevention, we conduct strict self-checks under our proprietary Quality Steps system. We have established a system that ensures uniform high quality at our own standards, such as for disclosing information, which actually exceed the standards prescribed by the government.

Quality Management System 3
Forming the voices of our residents

We conduct detailed questionnaires at each stage of the HOME purchase, such as at the time of purchase and move-in. We also hold meetings in which we can hear personal opinions, etc. We take advantage of this in real time for our ongoing projects. In addition, we convene resident meetings so that we can directly hear the views of residents, and use this to improve quality.

ASCOT's proprietary quality control system