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Privacy Policy
Our mission is to carry out insatiate research to enhance the product quality, desig and planning, in order to encourage an affluent life for society and the individual throughout the real estate development business.

In our service procedure we handle personal information.
We recognise the importance of protecting personal information and we will focus on the collection, use, handling of your personal information inbside our company as complying with laws regarding personal information protection so that customers should rest assured of leaving their personal information to our company.

This Privacy Policy sets out the manner in which we collect, use, disclose and manage personal information.

Our Privacy Policy
1.We collect, use and provide personal information of customer and our employees properly taking the contents of a business operation and the size of the business into consideration, whichi is limited to for specified use to accomplish customer's utilization purpose. Also, we take steps to check to refrain from further use that exceeds our limit.

2.We will abide by the guidelines, other laws and regulations ruled by national government regarding the handling personal information.

3.We prevent and take corrective actions agasinst critical information leakage, loss or damage.

4.We will deal with Consultation Requestsand Complaints regarding our compliance with personal information suitably.

5.We will handle and manage personal information properly, and will improve continuously our management system by achieving protecting personal information.

established on 28 November, 2005 final revision on 17 August, 2012 Ascot Corp. President Shinji KAGAYA
For personal information contact our Quality Control Department + 81 0120-583-575 (weekday 9:15~18:00 GMT+9)
For other inquiries please use the inquiry form.
Inquiry Form :

Disclosure engagement of personal information and other issues
1.Personal Information Supervisor
Ascot Corp. Administration Department (contact + 81 0120-583-575)

2.Purpose of the disclosure use
The followings are statements of our company to clarify our fair and proper manner of achieving collection of your personal informations within the limit necessary for our purpose of use.

(1)For our relevant real estate transaction contract on our service operation, rental agreement, mediation contract agreements and mediation business related services, information data managemet of rental properties, building management operation, registration to a distribution system, research service of vendor and purchaser, ontacts, ad, the assessed value research and the documents preparation for them, correspondence with insurance companies and designated credit bureaus, and search engines, nonlife insurance contract related operation, procedures of detail change and customer care.

(2)Our property introductions, providing a guide for useful service, marketing business, inquiry requests, administrative service for documents and correspondences.

(3)Customer trend analysis or product planning analysis (eg. questionnaire preparation)

(4)employment opportunity oriented procedures

(5)Information of employees will be used for hr, labor management, recruitment, education, welfare related service, emergency contact, press release etc.

(6)Stockholder's private information is used for enforcement of rights, fulfillment of obligation, service sharing (eg.hospitality programs for stockholders) act on stockholder policies (questionnaire conduct), making stockholder's lists etc and all carried out under laws.

(7)Beside of the use above we work with outsourceing business. In this case business will be governed by our policy.

3.About support for disclosure engagement
Our support for disclosure engagement respond to the party himself alone and will not accept inquiries from other third parties.
For your identity verification we will give you a reconfirmation call to ask your phone number etc. and email you for your registered address and answer form. We will send you an 'request and answer sheet' to fill when your public document such as driver's license health insurance card are needed. Reconfirming procedure itself is free of charge.
Quality Control Department (contact : + 81 0120-583-575, weekday 9:15~18:00 GMT+9)

Outside of service hours please use the inquiry form on our website.
Inquiry Form :

4.Consultation requests and omplaints for our disclosure engagement
Quality Control Department (contact : + 81 0120-583-575, weekday 9:15~18:00 GMT+9)
Outside of service hours please use the inquiry form on our website.
Inquiry Form :

5.Authorized organization personal information protection and contact for complaint resolution
General Incorporated Foundation JIPDEC Counseling Office for Personal Information Roppongi First Building, 9-9 Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo, 106-0032 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-5860-7565 / +81 0120-700-779

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