Our main business is real estate development and real estate solutions.


We are engaged in the planning and development of the "Ascot Park" series, which are group brand designer apartments that are mainly found in Tokyo.
Through Ascot Park, we aim to provide individual and unique high-quality living spaces to general clients by collaborating with famous designers and interior design stores. We also deliver added value to clients through our company's proprietary "semi-order point system," which allows the interior and equipment to be personally selected, with the aim of developing apartments that will still look modern 20 and even 30 years from now.
The group does not have a sales department; rather it sells to general clients through a sales agency, allowing the group to focus on its strengths in planning and development.

We plan and develop small to medium-sized projects, with a focus on Tokyo, which has very convenient public transportation, allowing people to enjoy city life, mainly within a 1 to 5 km radius from Tokyo Station. This has included the formulation of our Ascot Park brand, which consists of 10- to 15-floor buildings each containing between 15 and 60 apartments. Our target demographic is primarily the 20s-to-40s age-range; all of our buildings are within a 10-minute walk of the nearest station, with over 75% less than five minutes away. The Ascot Park series planned and developed by our company has been devised in a manner that gives each property individuality, and by placing great importance on the little things, we ensure new value and creativity.

Point-Based Customization
Our company’s proprietary system issues points to clients when they purchase an apartment, which can then be used for changes to the interior and items such as equipment, in accordance with the client's wishes.

■Property value enhancement

We also acquire existing rental apartments and office buildings that have decreased in value over time and require improved profitability, estimate the potential value of the land and buildings, make efficient renovations and refurbishments, and improve the utilization rate by leasing, thereby comprehensively increasing the property's value. We then sell such properties to operating companies and real estate investors, etc.
As an example, there was a building that was undergoing aging and security problems. We strengthened the security facilities, renovated the interior, and also added a pet co-living concept to help raise the asset value. In addition, in the same manner as revenue real estate development, based on the group's revenue strategy, in the period from acquisition under the sale of the property, we received lease fees from the lessees.

Real estate consulting
We also accept project management commissions from companies that develop real estate, etc. to supervise planning and design, all the way from the planning stage of real estate development projects to their completion.

Real estate brokerage services
We are also engaged in real estate agency work for companies and general clients.